This criminal organization is known as The Grinning Skulls or TGS for short. Their leader goes by the handle of EN4CER. It is fair to call them pirates even though their enterprise has branched out into several other lucrative opportunities including but not limited to illegal manufacturing, smuggling, salvaging, and even mining when they can't find an easy mark. They regularly engage in high risk operations and their members have short life expectancy. 


Member Profile
General membership have been observed working alone the majority of the time. Some members have managed to retain their citizenship with the UEE. Those members are rarely seen engaging in illegal activity and instead act as a legitimate front, intel gathering, and political ambassadors.



TGS seems to have very little organization or structure to their membership beyond having a leader and some superficial titles to the more established members. Their ranking systems are that of ancient Earth's pre industrial era Navy.







Survivors have reported that the TGS prefer to accomplish their goals without the use of violence but more often than not their targets leave them no choice. Their members prefer to get as close as possible before making radio contact or aggressive posturing.


Rules and Regulations

There is only one rule for The Grinning Skulls; Never betray your wingmen.